Thursday, February 23, 2012

Joy, and Lack Thereof...

Has anyone ever just completely and totally sucked the joy out of something for you? Well, that's how I have been feeling the past few days.

I love my blog, it's a place that I know that (most) everyone who reads will accept me, listen to me, sympathize with me, and offer advice. It's where I write when I am happy, sad, excited, nervous. It is my diary and my stomping ground. Recently, I have been trying to create more traffic, so I've needed to be more consistent in posting. And it's taken it's toll, but not on me. I'm still loving it.

But now, personal things are beginning to crumble. And as a result, I just haven't been able to get my "groove" back. Nothing that I have been writing seems "fun." And I know that's probably just me, and my new thought process. But, it's really hindering me from enjoying the one thing that I really love to do.

I know this is all very vague, and you probably won't really understand what's going on, but bare with me everyone, while I try to get back the one thing that is truly 100% for ME and no one else.

Why CAN'T we have our cake and eat it too? HUH? Why is that so hard/unfair?

End rant.

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