Monday, February 13, 2012

Man Candy Monday #5: Ben Browder

I am going to be showing a little of my geeky sci-fi side over the next few Mondays, I hope you don't mind!

Today, is a man from one of my most beloved shows: Stargate SG-1. While he wasn't a main character until the last few seasons, from the second Lt. Colonel Cameron Mitchell walked on to the screen, my heart was sold!

Later, I watched a series in which he stars with another SG-1 character, called Farscape. Now, it's not for everyone, as it's produced by Jim Henson, and has "muppets" (puppet characters) but if you watch the entire series, and the movie, you really get to "know" and "love" these characters, especially Ben Browder's character.

Without further ado, here are some yummies:

I'll be talking about another yummy one in this photo soon. (Hint: his name is the same as my hubby's)


Robert Benedic Browder


December 11, 1962


Memphis Tennessee/Charlotte North Carolina

Relationship Status:

Married to Francesca Buller

Fun Fact:

First notable on-screen role was in the TV show Party of Five

Notable Roles:

Party of Five
Stargate SG-1

Thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed =)

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