Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Natalie's Scrapbook: The Beginning

I have toyed with two ideas for Natalie's memories. Either do a digital photo scrapbook on Shutterfly (kinda expensive but really, really nice) or a regular, normal scrapbook.

I've decided on a regular scrapbook. So I needed to add pages, because there was no way that 20 pages was going to cut it. So, I added another package of page protectors and now I have 40 to work with.

So, I made a list of all the things I would want to include in the scrapbook. I got to Natalie's 4 month photos, and only had 6 pages left....uh oh. I'm going to need a second scrapbook.

Here's the bad news:  a second scrapbook costs more money, and more time.

Here's the good news:  a second scrapbook means I have more time to create it little by little, and that I can go ahead and just bang out the first six months!

Once I divided the things I wanted to include in half, I started pairing down and combining things until I got to 40 pages. The photo above is the end result.

This is her scrapbook. I am going to put my favorite photo of her in the front pocket, and below it will say "Natalie Elaine Farris July 2011 - January 2012"

Then I chose which "pattern pack" I was going to use. I chose this one:

And started filling in my book. I used the more solid colors for pages with alot of photos, pretty patterned ones for the ones with just a few photos, and the ones with decorative edging (like the below) photo for the pages that will have alot of text. I am going to buy another pack so that I can use it to make mats for some of the photos, and decorative shapes to add dimension and keep with the color scheme of the book pages.

I think I've got all the pages where I want them. Now to start designing each page, printing the photos and text blocks, and cutting and matting them all!

I am actually pretty excited about this!

What d'ya think?

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Ida Jade said...

It looks great girly! I'm jealous, I really really need to start on our wedding album.

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