Monday, February 20, 2012

Man Candy Monday #6: Michael Weatherly

So remember how I said that I was going to talk about a Michael? Well, I just realized I've got two for you, and since I've loved this one longer, he gets to be talked about first!

And oh man, how I love this one!

I first fell in love with Michael Weatherly WAY back when Jessica Alba was NOT a household name, when she was the star of the new hit show, Dark Angel. Michael Weatherly played the character behind "Eyes Only", Logan Cale. And I think I fell just as hard for him as Jessica Alba's character did!

When the show ended, I didn't know how I would go on without Michael Weatherly, but I did. At first I didn't even KNOW that he was on NCIS! I happened to catch a glimpse of him on a commercial about two years ago, and GASPED! My hubby looked at me like I was crazy, and all I could say was, "But it's the GUY from Dark Angel! I love him!!" (I later found out that he was also on JAG, before NCIS "spun-off" from that show.) I immediately started watching.

And oh man, how I STILL love this one!

He's hot with glasses on...

He's hot with glasses off....

He's versitile...

And MAN does he have a KILLER smile! I am a SUCKER!


Michael Manning Weatherly, Jr.


July 8, 1968


Fairfield, CT

Relationship Status:

Divorced from Amelia Heinle and remarried to Bojana Jankovic

Fun Facts:

His father made millions as the American Importer of the Swiss Army Knife
Was engaged to Jessica Alba at one point
He can play guitar and piano
He plays Robert Wagner in the TV Movie The Mystery of Natalie Wood; Robert Wagner plays Tony DiNozzo father on NCIS

Notable Roles:

 Dark Angel
The Mystery of Natalie Wood (playing Robert Wagner)

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Ida Jade said...

I LOVED Dark Angel, completely forgot about that show until I saw this post.

Christianna said...

I have both season of "Dark Angel" on DVD! It's such a good show, and Logan made it even better!

Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

I never watched Dark Angel, but would have had I known he was in it ;)

Thanks for linking up!

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