Friday, February 17, 2012

Weekend Planning (2/17/12-2/20/12)

I will have my nail files post up later on today, but for now I wanted to share with you my weekend plans!!


Natalie's laundry
Wash my work clothes
Finish blog design for Eternity Kind of Love (go check it out! I'm so proud of it!)
Finish my button for SOS - Significant Other Saturday! (Be sure to check this out tomorrow!)


Finish laundry
Set up some posts
Any cleaning


New phones! We are switching to AT&T
Flea Market shopping in Baltimore! (I'm so excited to go on a little road trip with Natalie)


More cleaning (I feel like this is my life now - it never stops!)

Somewhere in there I want to:

Find and buy a new bag for my "portable office"
Play with my new phone a bit, and re-download all my apps

What are you doing this weekend? Share it with Molly @ My Happy House, Gia @ A Life in Progress, and me!

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