Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Get to Know me Series: Day 28

Welcome back to Day 28 of my Get to Know me Series! Only 2 more days! I am hoping that since I'm trying to get my blog "out" into the world, that this will help you get an idea of who I am. On with the challenges! You can find a list of them here.

Day 28: Something you're afraid of.

I believe I already covered this, but I'll add one more thing.

Ladders. Anything more than 4 steps and I get VERY nervous. Now it's not an irrational fear, I don't start shaking or anything, and I've been up in very high places and have been fine (like the Eiffel Tower in King's Dominion) but it's kinda different. I don't know how those construction people hang off of buildings all day like it's nothing, or how my Dad climbs telephone poles. I did a rock climbing thing once and was SUPER SCARED. Never again.

Pinterest Day 28: Somewhere you'd like to move or visit.

Someday we'd like to move to Sayreville, NJ.

All I know is that it's an hour or so from New York City. About 45 minutes from the Jets stadium, it's a nice BIG city, and it has about 4 Outbacks in a 40 mile radius. So, plenty of jobs for me, an opportunity for Hubby to get a job in the city and make lots of money, and a good school system for Natalie. Not to mention HELLO we're 45 mins from The Meadowlands??? How awesome!!

See you tomorrow for the second to last of my series!


Ida Jade said...

When Josh and I go to NY we usually stay in Seacaucus, NJ..which neighbors the Meadowlands. The shuttle bus from that are take you right to it, actually. Seems like a really nice area too, and there's an Outback there as well. We ate there on our honeymoon. =)

Rachael Farris said...

I think that's one of the Outbacks I was considering transferring to. I know there was like five in the area.

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