Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Waist Watcher Wednesday: Week 2!

This is a weekly link party for everyone wanting to get back in shape, where we can post/comment our stats and offer each other helpful advice, workout ideas, what works for you, what doesn't and just generally support each other so that when we think about giving up we will have bloggy friends to lift us up again!

So, I will post one inspirational thing, a workout that I want to try, or something workout related every week, and I encourage you to do the same! Let's inspire each other into getting healthy this year and making our waists disappear!

SIDE NOTE: I forgot to include the link for the Couch to 5k Program. You can find it here. Sorry about that!

This week I wanted to post the workout that I tried this week. I've done this two days in a row now, and let me tell you it is GOING to work! I can feel it burning in my muscles and I love it! Give it a try!

And one last thing, I wanted to post two quotes that really spoke to me:


How did you do this past week?

Me? Not so good.

ANOTHER SIDE NOTE: I am only measuring every other week. I don't think I'm going to be able to see any difference otherwise.

Weight: 203.0
Previous: 202.8

TIPS: Weight yourself at the same time every time (morning is best) in the same type of clothing (or nude) on the same scale to get the best results.

REACTION: I am not suprised with how this week went, but I hope to do better next week.

BMI: 33.8
Previous: 33.6

TIPS: Use this website to compute your BMI
REACTION: Wow. Didn't know one pound would make that big of a difference.


[If you'd like to participate]

Blog about your weight loss goal, frustrations, struggles, accomplisments, weigh-ins, whatever you feel! Then come back here and link up in the collection at the bottom of this post. And while you're here grab the WW Wednesday button to use on YOUR blog!

[If you want to add the blog hop in your post]

If you want to participate in the hop, just click here and copy and paste the link into the HTML of your post! That's it! Simple!

[A litte something extra]

To make things a little more fun, each week I will choose a random linker to put up as a STELLAR WAIST WATCHER OF THE WEEK. You will get a button with the link back to your blog and it will stay up for the whole week! How cool is that?

I plugged in last weeks link ups into This weeks winner is: Jen @ On a Rock in the Pacific! Congrats Jen! =) I hope to see you linking up this week too!

[Encourage each other]

Check out the other linkers and leave them a comment with some kind words! We are all going to need a kick in the pants or a hand to help us up throughout this process! It will also keep us all accountable if we know our bloggy friends are watching!

Waist Watcher Wednesday

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