Monday, January 30, 2012

Weekend Planning Recap

Oh thank goodness it is Monday! Today is my Sunday, and hopefully I won't have to work tomorrow either which will be nice.

Here's how my weekend went:



Indoor Workout
Daily cleaning
Baby Duty
Work on grouping photos together for Natalie's scrapbook
Work at 5:15

Indoor Workout
Daily cleaning
Baby Duty
Pioneer Woman 10:00 am!
Work at 4:00


Sleep In
Maybe go for a run if it's warm
ADDED: Shopping with Hubby's mom and stepdad


Indoor Workout
Baby Duty
Cleaning Duty
"Unplug" for the night: no computer, no cell phone once Hubby gets home

Somewhere in there I'd like to:
Paint my nails
Plan for another Pinterest Project - I will one of these this weekend -  which one would you choose?

Cute love words using hot glue and paint for Vday decorations?

A painted cookie tray for under Natalie's humidifier? (It's starting to leak out the bottom)

Cute wall art that I need to create in Picnik before it's gone forever?

Or wrapping my headphones in DMC floss? If so, I have pinkish-purple earbuds - what colors would you choose? (And my phone is purple, too)

On the blog this weekend:

52 in 52 Update (See it HERE)
Another baby project soon to be in the works (See it HERE)
The Nail Files: Part IV (See it HERE)
Man Candy Monday - I've got a juicy one! (Will be posted tonight!)

I hope everyone had a good weekend! Be sure to link up to Molly @ My Happy House and tell her all about your weekend!

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