Saturday, January 21, 2012

Stuffed Animal World!

So I have recently starting thinking about starting some scrapbooks. I'll talk about one for a certain little munchkin later, but for now I wanted to talk to you about a particular idea that I had.

The other day I decided that I needed to make some room in Natalie's closet. It's basically the only storage space I have in the house except for the basement and it was JAM packed. With what you ask? Well, all of my decorations for all the different holidays and these:

Yes, that is approximately THREE boxes of stuffed animals dumped out on my couch.

I was determined to get rid of at least one box of them, and only keep the ones that REALLY mean a lot to me.

I managed to separate them into four piles: keep, donate/yard sale, (slash save for toys for tots next year - why oh WHY did I not do this two months ago?) beanie babies, and holiday decorations.

I feel like I did really good. I got it down to one box of keepers, one comforter sized bag of beanie babies, (only half full) and one box animals to be donated. The rest went in their respective boxes for decorations in the closet. (Well technically they're in front of the closet in her room waiting on me to have the motivation to put them IN the boxes, since they're on the top shelf and there is stuff thrown up there on top of the boxes .)

Then, I started wondering if it was REALLY worth it to keep them since they were STILL going to take up precious space in my girl's closet. Do I really want to keep them since they're just going to sit in a box? Am I honestly ever going to get them out and look at them? Some of them are in really good shape and would make a nice gift to a child in need. But can I really part with them, since these are the favorites of my favorites?

So, I took individual photos of each one. I think I'm going to make a childhood memory scrapbook and clean out my memory box as well. (As soon as I find it - ack)

 Now I just have to determine if I can really get rid of them.

What would you do?


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Lena @ Mom2MemphisAndRuby said...

I'm in the same boat... Except my kids literally pull them out almost daily to play with... So I'd feel bad getting rid of them... 'sigh'
Thanks for spreading the word on tomorrow's link up... I'm still not sure what I'll be posting... Do many ideas!! Lol :)

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