Monday, January 23, 2012

Weekend Planning Recap

This weekend



Indoor Workout - since I messed up yesterday and didn't get any workout in
Write a list of scrapbook pages for Natalie's first year scrapbook - a total of 40
Cleaning Duty - I got about half of it done with Hubby's help =)
Work at 5:00 - I didn't have to go, our car battery died so I got my shift covered, and picked up Sunday instead
Natalie tries carrots!


Weigh in with my facebook group - I will update Wednesday
Indoor Workout
Relax before work
Cleaning Duty
Work at 5:15


Indoor workout
Paint my nails and put together my tutorial - Did this Sunday
Cleaning Duty
Work at 4:00


RELAX - we have zero plans so far. I am hoping to add something in here.
RUN and indoor workout
Work at 4:00

Somewhere in there I hope to:

Snuggle with my babies
Get Natalie's Closet organized - SO, so happy about this. I got all the decorations into the basement and everything is now in boxes.

On the blog this weekend:

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A new crafty adventure I am starting (See it HERE)
A Winter-themed Sunday Linky party! (See it HERE)

How was your weekend? Link up or comment here and tell me about it!

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