Friday, January 6, 2012

My Husband Rocks Friday #4

So, I got this idea from a blog I read almost two years ago when I first started my blog called The Great Adventure. Basically how it works is this:

Every other Friday, I will be posting a story, or photo, or quote about how and why my husband rocks! And I invite you to do the same!

No husband is perfect and it doesn’t really matter. What matters is how I set myself up to think about him. If I focus on his failures, his annoyances, or ways in which I’ve felt hurt by him, then I will interact with him as a hurt and frustrated and disappointed wife. That makes for miserable living for me and my husband and those around us. But if I focus on his strengths, his potential, and the ways in which I feel blessed by him, then I will interact with him as a forgiving, blessed, and contented wife. And there’s no greater need a man has than to feel respected by his wife. If he feels like all he does is hurt, disappoint, and frustrate, then the same atmosphere and the same actions will be perpetuated. But if he feels that his wife can be happy and responsive regardless of his shortcomings, he feels respected and empowered. Then a positive atmosphere is perpetuated and actions, once destructive, can improve in an environment that is rich for cultivation and growth into deepened respect and intimacy."

::Taken from Katy Lin's blog::

If you would like to join in on My Husband Rocks Friday, just write a post about how your husband/significant other ROCKS and why! Then mosey on back here and link your post with mine with the tool at the bottom! It's that easy and fun!

My Husband Rocks this week because he takes up for me even when he doesn't have to. Two days ago, I posted something that wasn't received very well and there was one person in particular, a co-worker, that felt it necessary to tell me to go......myself.  You can fill in the blank. Completely uncalled for and just goes to show that he is a horrible sportsman and he doesn't know how to draw the line between heckling and bad taste. I was going to let it go, but Hubby jumped in and defended me! It wasn't necessary, but super sweet. And don't you know that co-worker turned around and said the same thing to Hubby? UH OH. But Hubby was so calm and cool and collected, and basically told him either apologize or I'm going to kick your butt! HAHA I do believe that he was put in his place, even if the co-worker doesn't think so. Some people just don't know when to shut up! Ha.

My husband rocks!

If you'd like to share the blog hop on your post simply go here and copy the code into your HTML section on your post! If you don't have a blog, feel free to tell me why your Husband Rocks in my comments section!

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