Saturday, January 28, 2012

I'm turning into a Spinster!

So, I'm starting to think that having a baby has turned me into a spinster! I want nothing more than for my Hubby to have a good enough job that I can stay home and learn how to crochet/knit, (what IS the difference? I don't really know) scrapbook, and complete my newest obsession - a quilt for Natalie using her old onsies!

The quilt is something that I am REALLY super excited about. I've never made a quilt before, but my mom and her best friend made one for me when I was really little. Here is a picture of it:

Isn't it cool!! When I was little I would pretend that I was "typing" using the big bar shaped square at the bottom as my space bar! You can tell my mom was a secretary and that I've loved typing since I was very young!

On the back, she used fabric paint to write down my "stats" and some "favorites" on some of the squares on the back. Here is a picture:

And close ups of the top right corner:

I just love it. So, I thought I really need to make Natalie something similar! I have a good many of her onsies and sleepers that I loved WAY too much to get rid of when she outgrew them. And I know I will have many more to come throughout this year. So, I thought how cool would it be to include those in the quilt and memorialize that for her?? SO cool. So I need to start mapping out how I want to do it. Do I want the alphabet and numbers on hers too? Or do I want it to just be cute and girly? Do I want it to have a color scheme, even though her onsies are ALL colors and patterns? Or do I just want it to be crazy and fun?

I also just found these materials that I had: (I heart Care Bears bigtime)

I have a huge mural type for the front - which I could put squares of her onsies around.

This material that I could also use for squares to tie everything together

And these individual squares to add in as well. What do you think? Care bear themed?
Here are a few more patterns that I was thinking about:

Now keep in mind that I'm not actually going to QUILT. I just want to sew them together and then stitch some ribbon or knitting string through at an even interval to secure the batting inside, like my mom did on mine. MUCH easier than sewing the whole quilt after you piece it together and looks cute too! And it will of course have some personalized squares just like mine.

So what do you think? Squares, zigzags, (the zigzags will be squares as well, just the pattern will be zigzagged if that makes sense) or circles?

And another thing, how much should my sewing machine be able to do? I need to buy one but I'm a little overwhelmed by price and brand.. There's a Singer 23 stitch machine on for $90, and a Brother 17 stitch for $80. There's a Brother 26 stitch on for $85, and a Singer 10 Stitch for $82. I'm looking to keep it around $100 - $150. Any advice on how many stitches I'm really honestly going to need, and which brand is better?

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SimplyTatumAdelaid said...

You go girl!! I love sewing, crocheting, and knitting. Scrapbooking isn't much my thing, unless it's digital. Crocheting is with one hook, knitting is with two needles. They are actually very different. I started off knitting but now I only crochet. As far as sewing machines, don't dive in and buy the fanciest one until you know you absolutely love sewing. I grew up sewing and have made my way to a Brother embroidery and sewing machine and saved over $1,000 in the process. Buy your machine from an actual sewing store. They are usually part of a vacuum repair store. The place I go is called Moores. I started with a small inexpensive machine and when I was ready to upgrade I traded in my machine and saved 50% off the next machine. So on so forth. Good luck with everything :)

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