Thursday, January 5, 2012

Get to Know me Series: Day 29

Welcome back to Day 29 of my Get to Know me Series! This is the second to last post of my series! I am hoping that since I'm trying to get my blog "out" into the world, that this will help you get an idea of who I am. On with the challenges! You can find a list of them here.

Day 29: Picture that makes you smile.

Every time I look at this photo I think back to just how long I've known my Hubby. This was taken the summer of 8th grade, or 1998 (I think). We've known each other for 14 years! And we loved each other back then, and love each other now! I'm so glad that we had the chance to reconnect, and now we have this beautiful family and I couldn't ask for more!

Pinterest Day 29: Five wierd things that you like.

1. The smell of gasoline.
2. Plain potato chips and ketchup.
3. Fountain soda Mountain dew and peanut butter cookies from Subway.
4. Ranch dressing with my pizza.
5. Potato chips on my sandwiches.

My Get to Know me Series is coming to an end! Tomorrow is the last post! Whatever will I do?? I hope this has created a habit and now I will be more faithful with posting at least once a day!

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