Thursday, December 29, 2011

2011 In Review

Lots of wonderful things happened this year, and I really couldn't be happier that everything worked out the way it did!

January: We had our first ultrasound. It was amazing to hear our little baby's heartbeat for the very first time!

February: I was diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes and worked on maintaining a healthy diet

March: I lost my little kitten, Indy. I still miss her terribly. Also, my friend Amber celebrated her birthday with me, and we got massages! I also cut my hair short and we went to the zoo!

April: We found out our little munchkin was a girl!

May: We celebrated my FIRST mother's day!

June: We celebrated Hubby's FIRST father's day! And we brought home a new kitten and named her Sammie.

July: We went on our "babymoon" to see the Nationals play the Cubs, I went into pre-term labor, and our baby girl was born! We also had our baby showers and waited for Natalie to be released from the NICU.

August: On the first, we took Natalie home! Natalie turned one month old and I started to follow My Happy House and link up to her Weekend Planning Posts and started to gain followers and make some bloggy friends!

September: Natalie met her great-grandmother for the first time and attended her first annual Repp Family Picnic! I decorated for fall and started thinking about Halloween costumes! We went to see some Nascar as well.

October: We celebrated Daddy's birthday! We went to the aquarium, and we had a blast! We dressed Natalie up as a monkey and celebrated Halloween!

November: We celebrated Momma's birthday! We also gave away our kitty, Holly. We celebrated Natalie's first Thanksgiving.

December: We decorated for Christmas, went to see Santa, my nephew turned THREE, and celebrated Natalie's first Christmas! I started my Get to Know me Series, which is almost over! I also moved over my blog to it's permanent home!

I can't wait to see what's in store for next year!

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