Friday, December 9, 2011

Get to Know me Series: Day 2

Welcome back to Day 2 of my Get to Know me Series! I'm hoping to keep up with this and post EVERY day for 30 days, as a way of letting you into my life a little bit.

Day 2 : A picture of you and the person you've been closest with the longest.

That would be my best friend, Jess. She and I have known each other and been best friends since Kindergarten! She is my bestest friend, and the Godmother of my daughter. Here we are at the Redskins/Jets game last Sunday - she bought me a ticket for my birthday! =)


Day 2. Something you feel strongly about.

Things to know before you go out to eat (from the direct opinion of a server)

1. Be respectful - Do NOT snap at me, or interrupt me when at another table. I WILL be back to you, in fact, you are probably next on my list to stop by and ask "can I get you anything?" And, please DON'T take your bad day out on me. I might be having a bad day too, and that will just make it worse.

2. Mind your children - Do NOT let them run all over the place, throw things, scream, etc. etc. etc. If you cannot control them and they cannot behave PLEASE get takeout or stay at home.

3. Don't be a squatter. - I understand you're by yourself, and you're reading your book. But I have money to make, and if you take up my table for two hours and leave me 5 bucks, you're wasting my precious time, because if I don't work I don't get paid. Oh, and if you INSIST on squatting, TIP ACCORDINGLY!

4. Don't involve me in your "who's going to pay the bill" fight - When this happens, I set it in the middle of the table and run. Please don't duke it out in front of me, or get mad at me when the person you're with grabs it first.

5. Read the menu. - It's really not that hard. I inwardly cringe anytime someone asks me "Does that come with a salad?" Does it say it does? No? THEN I GUESS NOT.

6. IF you're not ready to order, TELL ME. - I am a busy girl, and I have other tables besides you. I don't want to stand there staring at you while you struggle in your head with what to order.

7. Tipping is EXTREMELY important - Like I said above. If I do not work I do NOT get paid. I do NOT get a paycheck every week like you do. Most, if not all, of mine goes to taxes. So if you stiff me, and I have to tip out on the sales that you added to my total for the night, I am PAYING YOU to sit at my table. Also, anything under $5.00 is UNACCEPTABLE. Oh, and if you pay with a gift card throw a little extra in, it's not like you were spending YOUR money to eat. I'll appreciate it. I really will.

There you have it! Day 2 down =)

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