Saturday, December 10, 2011

Pinterest Project Saturday #4: Earring Organizer

So, this post is probably going to be pretty short and sweet, since I didn't take any progress photos. But, here it goes anyway.

The other day I was getting really frustrated digging through all my dangle earrings trying to find the pair I wanted. Plus, I bought this big ol' jewelery box last Christmas, and there STILL is not enough room for everything. Enter Pinterest.

I was inspired by these two photos.

And I thought, "I can come up with something quick that I can use!"

So I used:

1 old picture frame that I had lying around that I wasn't using.
a few strands of ribbon that I had bought for Natalie's hairbow organizer that I didn't use
some hot glue

And this is what I got:

It is kinda small, as you can see my earrings are jam packed on there right now, but it will work until I can afford to buy a bigger frame. I actually really like it, but I am thinking about using burlap or some other woven fabric next time, kinda like this:

There you have it! My newest project =)

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