Friday, December 2, 2011

52 in 52 Update: Week 20

Wasn't I supposed to be doing stuff today?? Yeah...blogs sidetracked me again, oh how I love to read about other bloggers and their interesting lives, and be inspired to do good.

The one that got me today was Enjoying the Small Things. Kelle is an inspiring woman and mother. Her daughters are beautiful in every way. With each of her posts I find myself hoping to be HALF as much a wonderful mother to my Natalie as she is to Lainey and Nella. She - is - amazing.

So, I'm going to try and spout this off quickly so I can update you on my goals while the munchkin is napping, so that I can get back to doing what I was SUPPOSED to be doing today before starting to get ready for work.

For my last post about my list, click here.

#1 - Rename all photos, organize and delete duplicates. I still haven't worked on this. I figure I'll get there someday.

#2 - Scan old photos. I found my old photos yesterday, and will start scanning them....sometime.

#11 - Complete the Couch to 5k Program. And Couch to 5k training just busted. My best friend got us tickets to the Jets/Redskins game this Sunday, which is the same day as the no race. I am hoping to start back up when it gets warmer and do a 5k in the spring.

#24 - Complete my recipe book. Haven't touched it since I made my last recipe from it. I'll get to it.

#47 - Complete the World's Longest Sodoku Puzzle. Haven't done any.

#52 - Finish my family binder. Will be finishing this soon. We had some financial things to work out first. Now I will be able to make a budget and get it finished.

#44 - Get a budget plan together and stick to it. See Above.

#23 - Make my rainbow cake for my birthday. Unfortunately I didn't get to make it. Maybe next year, it will have to go on the list.

#49 - Complete our wedding album. Unfortunately I ran out of time picking the 300 photos, and didn't get the discount. But I'll be looking out for more deals and will be taking advantage of something soon!
#43 and #31- Send thank you notes for baby shower, in Christmas cards. I am hoping to get this done and sent out soon, just have to get money together to do it.

#33 - Create family wall in living room. Now that we rearranged our furniture I am ready to start planning this!

#30 - Decorate for Fall, Christmas, and Spring. Currently decorating for Christmas, will post when finished!

I do however have something to cross off!

#4 - Buy a new camera! Mike and I scored this one on Black Friday, courtesy of an early Christmas gift from his nan.

Isn't it beautiful??

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