Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Get to Know me Series: Day 14

Welcome back to Day 14 of my Get to Know me Series! I'm hoping to keep up with this and post EVERY day for 30 days, as a way of letting you into my life a little bit.

Day 14: Someone you can't imagine your life without.

I think it's pretty obvious that my daughter would be the answer to this question. I love her, more than words can describe, and I truly, TRULY cannot imagine her not being in my life. I hope that we have a close relationship, and that there is never a week that goes by that we don't at least talk.

Pinterest Day 14:

What you wore today.

Since it was a dreary day and it's too cold to take Natalie to see Santa (today is the last day we could do it too...because I work every night from tomorrow to Christmas Day - boo.) I stayed in my PJs today. And I'm not showing you that because....well, it's embarrassing. lol


1 comment:

Katie {Party of Four} said...

I would totally post a pic of me in my jammies!!! I post some pretty stupid looking pics! And I am a new follower!

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