Saturday, December 17, 2011

52 in 52 Update: Week 22

I last updated on December 2. To view that post click here. To view my list, and the "rules" if you'd like to start your own list, click here.

#1 - Rename all photos, organize and delete duplicates. Still in progress.

#2 - Scan old photos. Haven't touched them.

#24 - Complete my recipe book. Still in progress.

#47 - Complete the World's Longest Sodoku Puzzle. Haven't done any.

#52 - Finish my family binder. Still in progress

#44 - Get a budget plan together and stick to it. Still in progress.

#49 - Complete our wedding album. Unfortunately I ran out of time picking the 300 photos, and didn't get the discount. But I'll be looking out for more deals and will be taking advantage of something soon!

#43 and #31- Send thank you notes for baby shower, in Christmas cards. They're ordered, just need to get them here, addressed, stamped and sent out.

#33 - Create family wall in living room. Still in progress.

#30 - Decorate for Fall, Christmas, and Spring. Christmas is complete! See here.


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