Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas Recap Part One

Wow. I can't believe Christmas has already come and gone. It feels like just about a month ago I was telling Hubby we were pregnant (Christmas Day 2010) and now we have an adorable 5 month old who was the center of attention all day!

Our festivities a few days before Christmas. We went up to Hubby's best friends house last Sunday for a bit of Christmas and to watch the football game. Natalie got a glow-worm, Daddy got a light up Jets logo for the car, and Momma got some new fragrance spray from Bath and Body Works called Paris Amour. Smells SO GOOD. We don't have any pictures from there, but it was alot of fun, and we really appreciated that they made the beginning of our Christmas special for Natalie!

Then on to the day before Christmas Eve. Since Natalie was awake and in a good mood, we decided to go ahead and open the presents we had from home when I got off work that night!

Natalie got another glow-worm from some customers at work, (which we took back to get her bedset) a squealing monkey from a host from work, and a red and green teddy bear. Mommy got the matching ottoman to her rocker, so that she can be more comfy while feeding the little booger! I was so excited.

Helping Momma open her present (excuse the puppy in the background)

Christmas Eve I had to work until 9pm. Boo. So, Hubby took Natalie up to Mawmaw's house (Hubby's mom) and had Christmas Eve dinner. Natalie had a blast! She got clothes, a little pair of boots, a stacker toy, a stuffed Rudolph, socks, hats, books and movies, and Scout - a programmable doggie. Here are some pictures from the evening.

Christmas morning we slept in a little, and then headed up to Hubby's grandmothers, or Nana's, house. EVERYONE was there! Some of Hubby's family lives about three hours away, and we were very happy that they all managed to make the trip this year! Natalie was the center of attention, as always! She received a babydoll, a motion learning toy, her pack-n-play, and two new sleepers. We had tons of food and Natalie eventally zonked out and we headed home.

AND outfit number THREE.

Monday, we headed over to Hubby's Dad's house about 30 minutes away to spend some time with him. He gave Natalie the cutest little bear that plays peekaboo with her! It's soooo cute! She also got a few other stuffed animals and a box of baby food from him.

Today we are headed over to my mom's house for a bit, and then will be heading up to my dad's house for dinner/presents. Look for Part 2 to come soon, and a little trip down memory lane!

Natalie all dressed up to go to Grandma's and then PapPap and Nana's!

If you made it through all those pictures I commend you! I probably should have broken it up into a few posts. More pictures tonight!

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