Monday, December 19, 2011

Weekend Planning Recap

Well, I'm still unfortunately sick, but hopefully I'm getting to be on the mend. My body has a tendency to hold on to colds for longer than a normal person. Then again, I don't medicate unless I'm TRULY miserable. I don't know why, I just don't like medication for some reason.

Here's how my weekend played out:



Lunch date and hang out with Courtney and Natalie

Natalie meets Snickers

Work at 5:15
52 in 52 update when I get home


Blog posting and scheduling
Natalie's Laundry (I'm doing this today)
Vacuum the living room (Mike did this Sunday morning)


Watch the Jets game @ The Jones' Residence
Clearbrook Park light show (and Santa and Mrs. Claus!) - It was too late, and Natalie was asleep


Weekend Recap post
Internet surfing

How did your weekend go? Tell us here or leave me a comment!

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