Monday, December 26, 2011

Get to Know me Series: Day 19

Welcome back to Day 19 of my Get to Know me Series! We are more than halfway through now! I am hoping that since I'm trying to get my blog "out" into the world, that this will help you get an idea of who I am. On with the challenges!

Day 19: Somewhere you'd love to travel.

Since I already covered Paris, and France I will choose another place that I really want to go.

Austrailia and New Zealand.

I've wanted to go to New Zealand ever since I did a report on it in Elementary School. I'm in love with these two countries. I want to go and learn to surf, and I want to see a Kiwi in person. (not the fruit, the bird) And I want to pet a Koala and see wild Kangaroos. Someday I will go.

Pinterest Day 19: Five items you lust after.

1. A kitchenaid mixer. I love the one the Pioneer Woman keeps giving away. God, I wish I could win one of these babies!

2. A good set of pots and pans. Either Paula Deen (left) or Rachel Ray (right)

3. A mommy necklace. I like this one from Simple Starfish. This exact necklace with Hubby, Natalie and my name on it (the one in the picture even has the right birthstones already!)

4. This purse is super hard to track down. I'm hoping I can find it before it's too late. I might have to start looking on ebay.

5. A new car. Preferrably this one - a Hyaundi Santa Fe.

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Katie {Party of Four} said...

How AMAZING is that mixer! ahhh! iv never seen one like that before!

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