Friday, December 23, 2011

Get to Know me Series: Day 16

Welcome back to Day 16 of my Get to Know me Series! We are more than halfway through now! I am hoping that since I'm trying to get my blog "out" into the world, that this will help you get an idea of who I am. On with the challenges!
Day 16: Someone who inspires you.

Kelle Hampton from Enjoying the Small Things.

I was turned on to her blog a few months ago. I read the beautiful story about the birth of Nella (to read it yourself click here) and it struck me. While my situation is NO WAY as serious as hers (Natalie was premature being born  - she was almost born at 30 weeks, but managed to hold on almost two more weeks)  but I related to her feelings of hopelessness at the diagnosis of Down Syndrome (I was so scared for Natalie when I was told she was going to be in the NICU) and then her overwhelming love for her daughter. I love how she is so in love with her daughters Lainey and Nella, and reading her blog makes me hope to be the kind of mother that she is. She is an amazing mom. She inspires me to be a better mom. (even though I am just getting the hang of the basics and have it completely easy right now) I hope to one day do just SOME of the things that she does with her girls!

DISCLAIMER: Kelle Hampton has NO idea who I am. This is a shameless plug to her blog because I love it, and want everyone else to read it to. I hope that she takes it as a compliment if she sees it.
Pinterest Day 16: Something you always think "what if" about.

Well, this has to do with college. When I originally graduated high school, I moved to South Carolina and started going to a school called Gardner-Webb University. I was going to be a Radio DJ and started there the fall after graduation. A week before I had to move onto campus, I got married so that I wouldn't have to, and could live off campus with my boyfriend/husband. I ended up trying to work full time and go to school full time, and I ended up falling asleep on my books more often than not. I finally gave up and quit going to school. I dropped out, I failed, and that's something that sticks with me.

What if I had moved in on campus and focused more on school than work/my relationship? Yeah, we might've broken up, but that probably would've been a good thing since we ended up divorced anyway. What if I HAD become a radio DJ? Would I still be in South Carolina, or somewhere else living a dream?

That whole experience changed my whole chain of life events, and I wouldn't have it any other way, because I met my current husband and have my daughter, and I learned alot from my experience, but I still regret not getting that four-year college experience and going after my dream job.

Oh well. Day 16 complete!

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