Friday, December 30, 2011

Weekend Planning

Getting back into the swing of things here, I will be (hopefully) linking up with Molly @ My Happy House for a Weekend Planning post! Join in or comment here about your weekend plans!


Laundry - Natalie's and mine
Work @ 4:00 pm

Saturday (New Years Eve):

Work on putting the finishing touches on my family binder
Start sketching Natalie's quilt, and some scrapbook pages (making one for every year Hubby and I have been together, plus one for Natalie's first year)
Work @ 2:00 pm till 11:30 pm (or later....booooo! I might miss my midnight kiss!)


Jets vs. Dolphins - last game of the season, we need to win and the Bengals NEED to lose!


More scrapbook planning/quilt planning
Heading over to Natalie's godmother's house after Hubby gets off work to see them and get her Christmas presents

Somewhere in there I'd like to:

Get my midnight kiss!
Clean up the house and do the dishes

What are YOU doing this weekend?


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