Saturday, December 10, 2011

Get to Know me Series: Day 3

Welcome back to Day 3 of my Get to Know me Series! I'm hoping to keep up with this and post EVERY day for 30 days, as a way of letting you into my life a little bit.

Day 3: Cast of your favorite show. WOW I cannot pick just one! So I will do my top 5.

1. Stargate - now, not all of my favorite characters are included in these pictures (mainly Jonas Quinn, and Jewel Staite's character - the doctor on Atlantis after Beckett dies) but you can't say Stargate without including all three shows - they were all too good!

2. Firefly - the best show to only make it one season! I wish they hadn't cancelled it, but I hear they're going to make another movie or maybe start the tv show over! Please oh Please oh Please!!

3. Castle - started watching this because of Nathan Fillion from Firefly and I LOVE IT! Seriously, start watching it. NOW. You won't regret it.

4. Rescue Me - loved it all the way up until the final season, when it just got too messed up for me. But it's a GREAT show, and I love love LOVE Denis Leary.

5. The countdown wouldn't be complete without ONE little girly guilty pleasure. The Secret Life of the American Teenager. I LOVE IT. And I know I shouldn't. But I do. I can't help it!

Pinterest Day 3: A book you love. WOW, so many to choose from. But, I'm going to go away from the cliched Twilight Series (even though I love it) and Harry Potter Series (even though I LOVE IT) and say....

Yes, it's still Stephenie Meyer. But it is VERY good, and reminds me alot of the Goa'uld in Stargate. I love it and would read it over and over again. Actually just talking about it makes me want to break it out and read it again. I read it for the second time while I was on bedrest in the hospital waiting for Natalie to be born, and it was just as good as the first time, and I really think it would be a good movie.

Now having said that, I would just like to say that following the "trend" is not normally my style. I LOVE the Sisterhood Series by Fern Michaels, as well as the Bride Quartet Series. I love Fern Michaels, Nora Roberts, (who lives near me! SO cool! Alot of her books are based in the area where I live) Phillip Pullman, Stephen King, Nicholas Sparks, and much more.

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