Thursday, December 8, 2011

Farris Family Christmas Decorating Extravaganza 2011!!

FINALLY! I finished my decorating - or as much as I can with no money to buy new stuff. I don't know what took me so long because it literally took me ten minutes to decorate the tree - oh wait, I know - I was waiting on a third strand of lights because the bottom of my tree was lookin' a little dark. Ok without further ado, here we go!

Lit up at night


Our First Christmas ornament

Baby's First Christmas ornament

This used to be on my mom's tree. When we moved out we were allowed to choose one, and this was always my favorite. =)

Some of my sparkly Walmart ornaments that I love!

My table. The centerpiece is a stand-in for the centerpiece I need to replace since it was damaged last year.

Mantle Shelf

Our Christmas card photo is going in this frame =)

The other side table in the living room

17 DAYS!!

Our wreath

Oh look a Christmas kitty!

Oh look another one! Love them =)

I still have to decorate outside, but I will have to post about that another time. I may end up skipping it this year, like I did last year.

On the list for after-Christmas clearance:

Icicle lights for front porch.
Hurricane vase for pinecones
A new lighted garland for the kitchen (it stopped working even though all the lights are perfect)
Nativity scene (Walmart has one I like and it'll be approximately 22 bucks)
Anything else I see that I like =)


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