Monday, December 12, 2011

Weekend Planning Recap

This weekend was so much fun! Here's how my weekend turned out complete with pictures =)



MHR post
Lunch with my Grandpa, Uncle Jim and cousin Donna (and Natalie of course!)

Givin ol' Uncle Jim the staredown (he's technically my Uncle, so that makes him her Great Uncle? right? confusing)

With my cousin Donna (I know her kids will be second cousins to Natalie, but what does that make Donna? Aunt? Cousin? Confused again lol)

With her Grandma (my mom) =)

And with her Great-Grandpa

Lunch was so much fun, and I'm glad that Natalie finally got to meet and spend some time with the last of my family to meet her. =)

Finish cleaning the kitchen and doing the dishes
Work at 5:15

Pinterest Project Post
Work on updating my photos on Facebook
Maybe organize my Pinterest a little (delete duplicate pins, stuff like that)
Maybe start drawing out Natalie's scrapbook for when I buy the stuff to make it
Maybe work on organizing bills and calling companies to get current charges and due dates
Work at 4:00


Possibly going to my nephew's birthday party
Jets game at Buffalo Wild Wings (no TV at home right now)


Post for Gabe's birthday
No idea.

Somewhere in there I'd like to:

Cuddle with the munchkin
Take Christmas photos

How was your weekend?

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